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One goal of the Alternative Educators' Network is to "Put our Ideas Out There." From hosting e-mail discussion lists, to editing AEN's Writer's Block and our OnePage™ project, we think communicating and informing in a variety of forms helps people learn more effectively.

We encourage you to take the time to let us know how we're doing. We can't know, unless someone tells us. Letters to the Editorial Board, staff and writers at AEN are welcome. Please use this form to send an e-mail with your opinions, thoughts and ideas. You can also send comments, critiques, suggestions or requests to join the Alternative Educators' Network Editorial Board.

Your Feedback is important to us. Use this form to let us know your thoughts or ideas.


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The Alternative Educators' Network is committed to helping all parents regain the confidence to educate their children as they see fit, by responsibly choosing the educational paths for themselves.

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